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An increasing number of nations are incorporating Cyber techniques into their overall strategy. The proliferation of new cyber tools and techniques, in conjunction with the application of traditional espionage tradecraft, reduces the ability of the United States to defend against cyber attacks and terrorism. The surreptitious nature of the cyber and terrorist threat creates extreme difficulty in providing timely and actionable intelligence. This threat, formidable enough today, will only worsen in the foreseeable future. Cyberspace Solutions focuses on a full spectrum approach to combating terrorism and the cyber threat. We provide intelligence analysts, language support, solutions development and enterprise IT in support of the intelligence community and special operations customers.


To provide intelligence support to the rapidly developing cyberspace warfare domain, a former Commander of the Air Force Information Warfare Command (AFIWC), a former Technical Director of the Naval Information Warfare Activity (NIWA), and a career all-source information fusion/analysis Chief Technology Officer (CTO) formed Cyberspace Solutions LLC to provide information to decision makers in support of national security. In addition to intelligence careers, these same principals possess extensive post-military careers as senior executives at major defense contractors running large Intelligence Community (IC) organizations for such corporations as E-Systems, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

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Cyber Effect Solutions Cyber Effect Solutions

We offer our clients a wide range of cyber effect solutions in the fight against Terrorism and in the support of our National Security.

Intelligence Support Intelligence Support

We provide all-source and CT/CI analysts, language experts, HUMINT, geo-spatial, and cyber analysts to support our customers.

Cutting Edge Technology Cutting Edge Technology

We employ industry leading experts to solve complex cyber and intelligence community challenges.

Achieve Growth Objectives Achieve Growth Objectives

We provide strategic services to help you compete and win in the marketplace.

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